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Innovative Tool and Die Inc.
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EDM Machining Why use Innovative Tool & Die?
Why EDM?|Why choose us?

Innovative Tool & Die’s knowledge and experience in EDM is unsurpassed in Western Canada making us the “go to” shop for EDM done right. We offer both Die sink EDM and Wire EDM utilizing sophisticated computer controlled and monitored Swiss machines from Charmilles Technologies. All our machines are 4 or 5 axis with glass scales for the ultimate in accuracy. Our wire machine is equipped with auto threading and our sinkers with auto electrode changers. These features allow reliable around the clock operation which results in a faster turnaround at a lower cost.

CNC Die Sink EDM – with auto electrode changer

  • Sink any electrode shape into metal
  • Can be blind or through
  • 4 axis, can burn along any axis or vector
  • All orbits including spherical and square
  • Full range of electrode materials stocked
  • Threading and hole burning electrodes stocked
  • Finishes: Ra µm 18.0 down to 0.32
  • Maximum Work piece: 48” x 34” x 16”


  • Profile all though shapes in metal
  • Up to 30 degrees of taper
  • 5 axis, can join any upper and lower contour
  • Wire Sizes: .010” [.25mm] and .004” [.10mm]
  • Finishes: Ra µm 3.2 down to 1.1
  • Maximum Work piece: 36” x 20” x 15”

Electrode Manufacture

Electrodes for die sinking are machined on our high speed Okada Graphite Master utilizing a 26,000 RPM spindle. We have the technology for cutters down to .005” and a length to diameter ratio of 25:1. We use the 3R reference system throughout the process to ensure the tightest positional accuracy.