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Injection Molds Capabilities
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Typical Size Range:

  • For presses 20 to 550 tons
  • Mold weights 20 to 5000 lbs
  • Mold Dimensions 5”x5” to 40” x 30”


Mold Types:

  • Stand alone or Unit die inserts
  • High production (class 101) to Experimental (class 105)
  • 2 plate molds, 3 plate molds, Stack molds
  • Single cavity, Multi cavity, Family molds
  • One shot, 2 shot, Over molding, Insert molding


Mold Features:

  • Materials: Hardened, Pre-hardened, Aluminum
  • Coating: Tin, Nitride, Armoly, Nickel-Teflon, Hard coat, etc
  • Feed: Cold sprue, Hot sprue, Cold runners, Hot runners
  • Gates: Hot tip, sprue, edge, fan, sub, sub into pin, cashew
  • Ejection: Stripper, pin, sleeve, air
  • Core pulls: Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic
  • Undercuts: Pop, float then pop, slides, lifters
  • Threads: Slides, Unscrewing Cores, Collapsing Cores
  • Finishes: EDM, Polished: stone-paper-diamond, bead blast, Chemical etched